Mission Statement:
The mission of FICPM is to change the criminal justice system and find alternatives to incarceration, and work toward a society where prisons do not exist.

Vision Statement:
The Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People’s Movement is committed to fight for the full restoration of civil and human rights for all people, particularly those who have been convicted by the criminal justice system and the communities they represent. The criminal justice system has rendered millions of people, and their families, into an under-caste of society, with no regard for rights or justice. We will speak in our own voices. We will recognize all impacted people, including the voices of criminalized and incarcerated adults and youth, as we develop both regional and national accountability. By coming together as one under a national platform, we will engage in legislative activity, litigation, advocacy and mass mobilization in this struggle against systemic oppression. We will agitate, organize, educate, and mobilize in a structure that is broad enough to embrace the various motivations, skills, and tactics of those who take up the banner of this Movement. This mass Movement of the people is an extension of the work that has been led by those most affected by the prison system, yet inclusive of all people willing to mobilize for social justice and the end of Mass Incarceration.


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