Invitation to Friends, Comrades, Families, and Allies

To Our Friends, Comrades, Families, and Allies:

No matter how you refer to yourselves, you are the ones who kept us going when we needed support.  Although you may not have stood before the judge and had your name called out, you stood beside us.  Although you did not spend a night in lock-up, you spent your nights tossing and turning from the pain of being apart.  Although you have not had to admit to a conviction when filling out countless forms, you are experiencing the effects of your community being under-educated, under-employed, and in a dire search of affordable places to live.

We love and respect you in the same manner you love and respect us.  We are one entity, one Movement, gaining momentum as we gain unity.  Every mother who has stood outside the courthouse and every civil rights attorney who may feel like nobody cares, like it is the same old fight: join us as we coalesce in a new national civil and human rights movement.  This is not the same old fight, and there are millions who care from far and wide.  We see you with your sign, your petition, and your shout-out on the radio station.  We see you in an office full of people trying to train us for work.  We see your blogs, your Facebook, and at the mailbox pulling out a letter with a stamp on it: “Department of Corrections.”

For some of us, we literally would not be here if not for you.  Your books, briefs, photographs, visits, and tireless advocacy won our freedom or kept us from the dark abyss of hopelessness.  We aim to build an inclusive Movement, one that never loses sight of, nor the voice of, those living at the bottom of this American underclass; yet one that takes no voices for granted.  The Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People’s Movement developed from a core of people who have worn a number, but it cannot, and will not, stop there.  It continues to include every person who knows that our criminal justice system is greatly lacking “justice,” and millions of you know who you are.

We ask that you share this with your own circle of caring people, and bring them into our ranks.  We ask that you bring as many affected people as you can, as the legitimacy of our platform is defined by those who adopt it.


  1. How do we get involved? I served almost 2 years and have since turned my life around and want the same rights as everyone else as well as help others!

  2. Hello my name is Benjamin Edwards. I am a graduate student at the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work. I am interested in working in re-entry programs so that previously incarcerated people have the best chance possible of living a normal life upon release. However I know this is not possible until policies that deny former inmates of there constitutional rights and promote mass incarceration of people in poor communities are reformed. I want to help spread the message of your organization in my community so that more motivated people can be enlightened to the struggles faced by those in the criminal justice system and be inspired to make a difference. I am planning an event on campus for later this fall (around the 20th of October) to educate people about this issue and would love it if someone from your organization could come and give a speech about their experiences and what needs to be done to bring the injustice to an end. If you have any questions or are interested in making an appearance please email me. I wish you the best of luck with your mission and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Hi i am a student at central high school in philadelphia and am doing a project on felon and ex felon disenfranchisement and would love to get involved with your group. It would be amazing if you could shoot me an email or something. Thanks so much.

  4. I am an ex felon located in GA and I have been pushing the discrimination in hiring . I have a great case study with documentation from company HR and declines from EEOC. The company is CSXT located in Jacksonville FL. But are companies using Green Factors and other guidelines out lined by local, state, federal laws??? EEOC would not even look into the discrimination even by EEOC guidelines. Even better was who was included in a private meeting to evaluate my criminal history. Has a new society been created?? We have to get the word out. These case studies need to be complied for use?

  5. Hello

    I am writing with a concern I have regarding my friend/adopted family member Carolyn King (OC7210) who is being housed on death row at SCI Muncy.

    Carol has been housed on that unit for 20 years however three years ago her capital sentence was overturned. This was confirmed in a recent letter sent to Supt Robert Smith by her attorney Thomas Schmidt. Carol is currently without a sentence yet she is still being housed on death row and has been denied her requests to attend church and have normal visits. I personally think she should be allowed as many privileges as an unsentenced inmate is permitted but Carol was aware that simple requests can take months to come to fruition so only asked for permission to attend mass and have normal visits.

    I wrote to the Supt Robert Smith regarding this to which he replied and mentioned Carolyn as a “capital case inmate” on several occasions in his response.
    Carol’s capital case sentence was thrown out three years ago so Carol is currently without a sentence so is not legally a capital case and should not be housed there. Is there anything that you can do to help or do you know of any persons/organisations that could help?

    Should you need to contact Carol directly, her address is:

    Carolyn King OC7210
    PO Box 180
    Unit R-C

    Best wishes

  6. I would love to be involved with this group. How would one reach out and become involved? I am a woman of color, a scholar, a mother, a prison abolitionist and a felon. I actually began studying ways to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline because in my coursework I began to realize the ways that I was institutionally targeted. I have a desire to push the school-to-prison pipeline discussion to be understood as a cradle-to-prison pipeline and really a reproductive issue.

  7. I am just hiring about this organization. How do I join, get involved or help? As a formerly incarcerated male I would sincerely love to work for and be of any assistance in helping those reenter into society and also assist and help change policy. I have been blessed to have met some good strong brothers both inside and outside of the prison walls that have made a strong impact on my life and I have been out of prison for 14 years and have not looked back. I have since acquired a Bachelor degree and am serious contemplating furthering my education. Please I want to be a part of this organization


  8. I am a convicted felon who lives in Pa. I have been working deadend jobs for several years now I recently decided to enroll in college and I really would like advise on what careers are best for a felon to purse a degree so after graduation I can find a job. I want to better myself but I am at odds and confused and frustrated because I don’t want to get student loans and then upon graduation I won’t be able to find work and then not be able to repay the loans. Please help me with this decision I really want to better myself but I’m not sure what to do. Thanks so much in advanced.

  9. Hello my name is JC Patterson I was born and raised in Akron Ohio, but in 2008 I finally decided to uprooted and moved to Phoenix Arizona for a better opportunity for my life. I like to say I am also a formal felon who spend 9 years in prison from 1989 to 1998. Several years later I was bless to have an opportunity to turned my life around by graduating from the University of Akron and on top all of that I was able to get a full unconditional pardon from the State of Ohio as well. So I feel compel to get involve with this powerful moment. So what can I do to get this movement going here in Arizona? Please let me know…..Thank you.

  10. Vandy here! For the past 3 years I have felt so alone fighting against the criminal justice system for my fiancé, Lenny Singleton. Lenny and I met over 30 years ago in high school. I searched for Lenny for over 28 years before finding him in 2012 incarcerated in Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, Virginia. He committed 8 “grab and dash” robberies in a 6 day period while in the throes of his addiction to crack cocaine. For 6 of these robberies he received 2 Life Sentences plus 100 years with no chance of parole. He is scheduled to die in prison. When I heard this, I thought, “OMG, how many people did Lenny kill?” Lenny did not kill anyone. In fact, there is not one victim that made a statement against him. He stole a total of less than $600, and this was his first felony. Lenny earned a college degree and served in our Navy 3 years before he allowed his addiction to destroy his life. To date, he has served 20 years. He will cost the American taxpayers well over a million dollars to keep him in prison for the rest of his life — for stealing less than $600 and no one filed as a victim??? When I learned Lenny’s fate, I began writing everyone I could think of — am still writing everyone I can think of to bring attention to Lenny’s situation. Lenny and I also began writing each other. As I began catching Lenny up over the past 28 years I realized that I was in a horrid state of being and with Lenny’s encouragement, I began walking and making better food choices. In 4 months I lost 60 lbs, so much weight that I was able to feel the lump in my left armpit. Seven surgeries later, chemo, and radiation, I am diagnosed with Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer — another death sentence. I am not paralyzed from the neck down or dead right now because of my reunion with Lenny. That reunion created a Miracle in my life and now I am trying to create a Miracle in his life.
    To that end, we have written and published a book together, “Love Conquers All,” and I will be marrying Lenny while incarcerated this August — because he saved my life, because we are hoping this will bring the attention to his situation, because I believe in his reformed nature 110%, because I love him dearly. I need him. I need the American public to become aware of his situation. Justice will not have been served if Lenny dies in prison. And his time while incarcerated stands testament to his reformed nature. He has not received a single infraction for anything during his entire 20 years in prison. He deserves a second chance. Learn more at Please help me bring Lenny’s situation to light, email me at or call 435-310-0524.

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